Glaucoma and its Causes

Glaucoma could be a confused disorder during which hurt to the optic tract prompts dynamic, irreversible vision misfortune. eye disease is that the second driving reason for handicap. eye disease is Associate in Nursing ill health of the attention during which liquid weight within the attention rises - if left untreated the patient might lose vision, and even find yourself plainly visually impaired. The illness for the foremost half influences the 2 eyes, albeit one might have a lot of serious signs and indications than the opposite. there's a touch area within the front of the attention known as the "foremost chamber". Clear fluid streams in the course of the foremost chamber, this liquid sustains and washes adjacent tissues. within the event that a patient has eye disease,the liquid doesn't use up lawfully - it empties too step by step - from the attention. This prompts liquid develop, and weight within the attention rises. Unless this weight is curtail and controlled, the optic tract and totally different components of the attention might find yourself plainly injured, prompting loss of vision.There square measure 2 principle styles of eye disease, open edge and shut purpose (edge conclusion) eye disease. The liquid within the eye courses through a variety between the iris and tissue layer, wherever it escapes by suggests that of the fibrous tissue network - "edge" alludes to the current zone. The fibrous tissue network is formed of sponky tissue lined by trabeculocytes. Liquid channels into s set of tubes, called Schlemm's trench, from that they stream into the blood framework

  • Primary and Secondary Glaucoma
  • Open angle glaucoma

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